GSM Alarms

 GSM Voice / SMS Alarm Communicator ( GSM-VAC4+ )

GSM Alarm Diallers, using speech and SMS text, allow alarm and other information to be transmitted where no fixed telephone is available or a second backup transmission medium is required. Typical uses are in applications for Security Alarms, Pump control, Process control, portable security, Temporary security, boats, aircraft etc.


 An inexpensive and reliable GSM Alarm Dialler that transmits pre-recorded speech messages to different telephone numbers. The GSM network is used and it is especially suitable for locations, where there is no fixed telephone. Comes in wall mount metal box with antenna, antenna lead and control PCB/GSM Module. When an alarm input is activated it automatically dials pre-programmed telephone numbers and a speech message is played and / or a SMS text message is sent. Compatible with all SIMS, "pay as you go" or "contract ". Choose SIM to suit best network coverage in the area the unit is to be installed. We can supply SIM and also program and test it to your specifications to save you time. 

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 Our Lone Worker Alarm Systems are the perfect, simple and cost-effective solution for on-site Lone Worker Safety and Protection.
We have been supplying GSM Alarms for over 20 years.

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